Outreach projects play a vital role in our community

As your Labour candidate for Wavertree it has been of utmost importance to me to find out more about the local community projects that make our community such a strong one.  As part of this commitment I paid a visit to the Al-Ghazali Centre in Earle Street.

The Al-Ghazali Arab Cultural and Education Youth Club works to ensure Arab young people do not remain excluded and marginalised in Liverpool, increasing their self-confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to reach their full potential, whilst not losing their cultural identity.

This is a predominantly volunteer run project operating on a budget of just £200,000 a year and its commitment to detached youth workers and the youth community is invaluable.  With over 20 staff it provides a number of essential services such as ESOL (English for speakers of other languages), youth groups, karate groups, and specific support for young women. 

Around 770 people use the centre every week and I have pledged my support to help further the development of this important organisation.  I recognise the vital role that third sector organisations such as the Al-Ghazali Centre play  in our community and how crucial it is that they are supported.