The St Hugh’s WOW factor

This week I visited the innovative WOW room at St Hugh’s Primary School. The WOW room, short for ‘world of wonder’ is a space, which brings learning to life by transporting pupils to outer space, a rain forest, an ocean, or a desert.

The WOW room works by using LED lighting, surround sound, and giant scale wall projection to create immersive learning enviroments related to whatever the children are studying.

The system is designed so teachers and pupils can create their own virtual environments and is used right across the curriculum, from science to history, geography and English.

Unlocking the talent and potential of each and every young person is at the heart of Labour’s vision for education and the WOW! room is an example of the fresh approach to learning, that has been possible, thanks to the historic investment in education, provided by successive Labour governments.

Since 1997, Labour has transformed education; young people are achieving some of the best ever results and we have more than doubled investment in education from £30 billion in 1997 to £73.3 billion in 2008/09.