A Game of Bingo at Flaxman Court

Yesterday I took some time out to visit Flaxman Court, just off Edge Lane, where I met with some of the residents during their weekly Thursday morning get together. It was great talking to the men and women who live in the block and listening to their hopes for the future. All of the residents were incredibly friendly and with my my dabber at the ready I joined their bingo game, which raises funds for resident day trips. I also met with Keith Leonard : Flaxman Court’s fantastic warden.

Helping the elderly is a major priority for the Labour Party. Since 1997, we are spending around £13billion more on pensioners, every year, than under the Tories – the average income of a pensioner is 25% higher now in real terms than it was in 1997. We have made sure the elderly are able to live through their retirements safely and with dignity. The Labour government has introduced the Winter Fuel Allowance, meaning all over 60s are given £250 and all over 80s are given £400 to allow them to keep their heating on through the winter. Labour has trebled cold weather payments to the elderly, to make sure the most vulnerable are protected during the winter months.

And we have even given all pensioners free off-peak bus passes, meaning they can travel around the city completely free of charge.

I want to fight to make sure Liverpool’s pensioners do not suffer the brunt of Tory cuts. We have fought hard for a better deal for the over 60s since 1997. We’re not going to give all of that up easily.