Showing solidarity for Burmese Political Prisoners

Luciana in solidarity with the political prisoner Su Su Nway

Standing in solidarity with Su Su Nway

Tomorrow Burma will hold elections and I want to show my support for those political prisoners who are unfairly imprisoned purely for speaking out against an unjust regime.

The elections are designed to perpetuate military rule and  it is clear they will not be free and fair. Many of the MPs democratically elected in 1990 are now dead, in prison or in exile. We must not forget them and I want to do my bit to remind the world of their plight.

To show my solidarity, I am pictured with the name of SU SU NWAY on my hand.  A Labour activist, Su Su, is serving an eight-and-a-half-year prison sentence for taking part in anti-government protests in 2007. She first came to prominence in 2004 as the first person in Burma to successfully prosecute local officials for imposing forced labour. She is in poor health and held in a prison one thousand kilometres from home.

Amnesty International have co-ordinated this campaign, is doing a great job to keep the pressure up and I am proud to be able to take part.

If you want to take part, log on to Amnesty International’s website.