Save BBC Radio Merseyside

The BBC is considering a proposal to make massive cuts to local radio services – including plans to produce only breakfast and drive-time shows locally, with all other programming being delivered by Radio 5 Live. The plans would mean the loss of at least 700 jobs and the possible closure of some stations.

In this city, where BBC Radio Merseyside is the most listened to local radio station outside of London, it could mean the end of some of our most famous Liverpool institutions – the Roger Phillips Show, Billy Butler and others.  It could also mean an end to local news gathering and information programming.

BBC Local Radio is relatively cheap at 3.2pence per listener hour.  This compares well to BBC Radio 3 (6.3p), Radio Scotland (7.8p) and television station BBC 1 which costs 6.7p.

I have started a new campaign and urge as many people as possible to join me.  You can find more about the campaign on my dedicated webpage: