Raising awareness of poverty

This May I will be taking part in the Global Poverty Project – a campaign to raise awareness of the 1.4 billion people who have no choice but to live on £1 a day every day. Campaigners are asking the public to cut their spending on food and drink to just £1 a day for five days (2-6 May 2011) in support of a number of UK charities.

I have signed up to take part in the challenge on behalf of Positive Women. Positive Women work in southern Africa to empower women and children affected by the HIV/Aids virus.

It is shocking ot think that there are 1.4 billion people worldwide who live in absolute poverty. I want to help change that awful statistic by participating in this challenge. I hope that people will join me and help Positive Women change the lives of thousands of people in Southern Africa.

To take part in Live Below the Line for Positive Women, people can register from today at http://www.livebelowtheline.org.uk/partners/positive-women/