Labour’s Climate Change Pledge

This week along with Labour’s shadow energy and climate change team I launched Labour’s Climate Change Pledge campaign.

At the end of November, more than 180 countries will join a United Nations meeting in Durban, South Africa, to work towards a new international deal to tackle climate change.

Labour is calling on David Cameron and his Government to show real leadership at Durban. This means pushing for a second period of the Kyoto protocol and keeping our promise to provide financial support for the world’s poorest countries.

There are alarming signs that the effects of global warming are already underway. Storms, floods and droughts are happening more often and are more extreme. Arctic summer sea ice is melting faster than previously predicted.

We need to take urgent action if we are to avert a climate disaster but this won’t happen unless we demand it.

You can help by calling for decisive action. Sign up to Labour’s Climate Change Pledge at:    

Every person who signs up puts pressure on those who would settle for less. You really can make a difference.

Join the campaign today.

You can read more about the campaign in an article I wrote for Labour List here.

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