Jan 12

Labour would get tough with the energy companies and lower the bills of 4 million pensioners


Yesterday in the House of Commons I challenged David Cameron about his Government’s cuts to heating help for pensioners this winter. Across Liverpool over 80,000 people will be worse off by as much as £100, after the Tories and the Lib Dems cut the Winter Fuel Allowance – even after they promised not to before the general election.

All of us are feeling the squeeze this winter as the cost of food, transport and keeping warm is all going up, but our wages don’t stretch as far as they used to. It’s wrong that when we are struggling to pay gas and electric bills which have risen by as much as 17%, energy companies’ profits are soaring to around £100 per customer.

This hurts all of us but it hits pensioners the hardest. Labour’s plan is to force energy companies to guarantee that all their customers over 75, will automatically be placed on the cheapest tariff for gas and electricity. This would mean lower bills for up to 4 million pensioners and wouldn’t cost the Government anything.

Unfortunately out of touch David Cameron is cutting support like the Winter Fuel Allowance, letting the energy companies off the hook and leaving pensioners stranded. He should get tough with the energy companies and back Labour’s plan to help those over 75.