Mar 09

Visiting Allerton Fire Station

Today I visited Allerton Community Fire Station. The station has been earmarked for closure if the Government goes ahead with its plans for an £8.5 million cut to the Merseyside Fire Authority in December.

I spoke out against these cuts in Parliament this week and during my visit I heard from fire fighters about the challenging situations they face and how worried they are about the Government making it harder for them to do their job.

They told me that if these cuts go ahead then the fire service simply won’t be able to make the savings without Fire fighters losing their jobs and stations like Allerton closing.

As I wrote in my last web post I believe these cuts are unfair because they punish one of the most efficient fire services in the country with a second set of huge cuts, straight after they have already made reductions totalling £9 million.

Our fire fighters are heroes and the work they do saves lives. Between now and December I’m going to be doing everything I can to make the Government change course and protect our front line fire services.