Feb 20

Save our jobcentres

Job centres videoGovernment plans to close Edge Hill and Wavertree jobcentres will leave this area with no local help for people seeking work.

Please sign my petition today by clicking here.

I have joined with the PCS union to back a Liverpool-wide petition. You can add your name to our joint Liverpool-wide PCS petition by clicking here.

I will be presenting the petition to Parliament at the end of the month.

Over 3,000 people across Liverpool Wavertree are going be denied the local help they need every to find work.

People are being expected to attend more face to face interviews in Job Centres and failing to attend on time can lead to benefits being stopped.

It is totally unacceptable in these circumstances to make it more difficult for people to get to a Job Centre.

In 2010, there were three Job Centres in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency. Old Swan was closed by the Tories in 2012 and now the government wants to close the last two in Edge Hill and Wavertree.

If these two offices close, people will have to travel to Huyton or Toxteth to get the back-to-work support they need.

Liverpool Wavertree has the 41st highest unemployment level in our country, but the government wants to make it harder for the 2,950 people who have to attend the job centre every two weeks. They will have to travel further and will have to find additional bus fares of £8.60 a month to get that help.

As soon as the potential closures were announced I raised the issue in Parliament and asked how our constituents were supposed to get the support they need locally. You can watch my exchange with the minister by clicking here.

The minister’s response was not good enough. Jobseekers and local employers need a jobcentre they can contact locally and not have to travel outside the constituency to get information and support.

The plans are out for public consultation until the end of this month, and I will be presenting the petition to Parliament, making sure the government knows how its plans are going to hurt people in pour constituency.

The PCS public meeting takes place on Saturday February 25 at 3pm at the Frontline Centre, Lawrence Road, Liverpool L15. Please come and join us.

Please sign my petition today by clicking here.

Please sign the PCS Liverpool-wide petition by clicking here.