Jun 24

Thank you to our Armed Forces

Today Liverpool becomes the national focus of Armed Forces Day. It is a great honour for our city to lead a national thank-you to the men and women who daily defend our country.Armed forces day

Serving members of the armed services and veterans should be honoured, not just in word but in deed.

After redundancies and years of pay restraint, morale amongst our armed services and their families has sharply declined. The government needs to invest in the people who protect us and demonstrably show they’re valued.

A career in the Armed Forces must continue to attract people with the skills and dedication a modern service demands. That means rewarding skill and dedication with proper pay.

Labour would lift the public pay sector pay cap and allow the Armed Forces Pay Review Body to make recommendations on rises for our Armed Forces without that restriction.

Labour is also committed to ensuring that there continues to be access to high standard Service Family Accommodation at a reasonable cost for service personnel. We will drive up standards in all Service Accommodation and take action where private companies have failed to deliver.

Service personnel must be properly supported in the transition back to civilian life and protected against discrimination. Labour would introduce an Armed Forces (Prevention of Discrimination) Bill within the first year of forming a government, legislating to outlaw discrimination against and abuse of members of the Armed Forces.

As our city hosts the national celebrations for Armed Forces day, let us rededicate ourselves to ensuring that service personnel are properly recognised and thanked.