Jul 14

Tory promises lay in tatters

A year ago, Theresa May promised to make Britain a country that works for everyone. After just one year and a day as Prime Minister that promise lies in tatters.No Mandate logo

On June 8, Theresa May lost 13 seats and lost her parliamentary majority.

With no mandate Theresa May delivered a threadbare Queen’s Speech which left out key Tory election pledges to scrap universal free school meals, expand grammar schools, means test Winter Fuel Payments, hold a vote on the fox hunting ban and make those who need social care pay for it with their homes.

It is good news for the country that these damaging policies are off the agenda for now, but the country needs more that a rudderless government as the storm clouds of a botched Brexit negotiation loom over the horizon.

School class sizes are soaring, NHS waiting lists are up and people’s real wages are now lower than before the economic crash. Tory tax breaks have benefited the already wealthy while everyone else has been left to pick up the bill.

The Tory government has no proper mandate and no legitimacy and its policies do not have the support of the majority of the British people. The Prime Minister has had to ditch their plans following a General Election that saw her majority vanish. The Tories rely on unstable coalition with the DUP while taxpayers are having to pick up the £1.5 billion bill for the privilege.

Just look at the Tory record on our National Health Service – Theresa May claims that the NHS has more staff than ever and ‘record levels of funding.’ But one year on, funding per head is being cut for the first time in history next year and the NHS faces a shortage of 24,000 nurses and 3,500 midwives.

That means that more people are waiting longer for treatment. In fact, there are now a million more people waiting for treatment than when Labour left office in 2010.

The Conservatives have no plan for Britain. Labour is ready to fight the next election, whenever it may be.