Sep 15

Time to end the pay cap for all public sector workers

The House of Commons unanimously backed Labour’s call this week to scrap the pay cap for public sector workers, after the Tory government told its MPs to stay away.Scrap the cap

It’s very unusual for the government not to vote down an Opposition motion.

This week, the Tories have ducked a vote twice, first on the public sector pay cap and secondly on the Tories’ increase in student tuition fees.

Labour had the backing of all the Opposition parties in calling for the pay cap to be scrapped – including the Democratic Unionist Party which has done a deal with the Tories over Brexit.

The House of Commons also unanimously approved Labour’s motion to revoke the government’s latest tuition fee hike, which will cost students up to £1,000 each over the course of their degrees.

If the Tories do not now reverse the student fee rise they will be defying the will of Parliament in blatant disregard for our democracy.

In truth, the government avoided the votes because it knew it would lose.

The government may attempt to ignore the clear will of the House of Commons, but Labour is determined to stand up for democracy, pay justice in the public sector and our students.