Nov 03

Today, I’m backing Votes at 16

Votes at 16At 16, people can join the army, get married and have a job – but people can’t vote.

I think that is wrong. Right now, 1.5 million young people are being denied a say in their future. It’s time we changed things.

People should be able to vote for 16. That is why I am supporting the vote in Parliament today to make the government act.

Giving young people a real stake in their future through voting is an important way to ensure young people are engaged and informed about the political process.

Lowering of the voting age for Scottish parliamentary and local elections and the plans to do so for elections in Wales is a welcome development. However, the Tory government continues to oppose votes at 16 for parliamentary elections and other elections in England.

While the European Union Referendum Bill was being considered during the last Parliament, the government consistently opposed amendments which would have allowed 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the EU referendum.

It is time that young people have their say.

That is why I am supporting my colleague Jim McMahon’s Representation of the People (Young People’s Enfranchisement and Education) Bill in Parliament today.

You can sign the Labour Party petition for Votes at 16 by clicking here.