Nov 16

Time to ring-fence mental health spend

Labour Campaign for mental HealthThe government claims that mental health spending is increasing. So why do so many Clinical Commissioning Groups – the bodies that allocate NHS money locally – tell me that they are reducing the proportion of their budgets that go to the mental health frontline?

If money is increasing why are so many people sharing with me their experiences of long delays in even getting an assessment, let alone receiving the help they need?

The government has announced additional funding for mental health – £1.4 billion over five years to deliver the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and £1.25 billion for the Future In Mind programme for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

This money is an important step forward but I am deeply concerned that it is not reaching the frontline, where it is needed.

That is why I have launched an online petition calling on the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spend in his Autumn Budget next week.

The money needed to transform mental health services and save lives is just not reaching the front line. Waiting times are too long, people are not receiving the best care in the community and too many people are having to travel too far for in-patient services.

On November 22, in his Budget, the Chancellor Philip Hammond can make a difference and ring-fence mental health budgets to make sure that the promised money actually reaches local mental health services.

Please sign this petition by clicking here today to urge the Chancellor to ring-fence mental health spending on November 22 and ask your friends and family to sign too.