Let’s talk mental health

I’m talking mental health today. Along with thousands of people across the country, I’m using Time to Talk Day to break down the stigma that still too often surrounds mental health.Time to Talk Day 2 logo

As the Time to Talk Day organisers point out, every conversation counts and ‘wherever you are, any place can be the right space to talk about mental health.’

Time to Talk Day is all about getting people talking about mental health. It could be texting a friend to ask how they are, starting a conversation at work or chatting to family over a meal.

If you use social media, use the hashtag #timetotalk to let others know what you are doing and find out what is happening all across the country.

I am talking mental health with colleagues in Parliament, at my daughter’s nursery and with my family.

Time to Talk Day 2018Too often, it’s left to people with mental health problems to talk about mental health. It can be treated as a taboo subject – something to only be spoken about in quiet corners.

But mental health affects us all, and everyone should feel able to talk about it.

I want to help spread the word that wherever you are, any place can be the right space to talk about mental health – queuing for the cinema, sitting on a bus, or even in a lift.

Whether you are at work, at home – or even up a mountain – please join me and lots of others across the country to have a conversation about mental health. Conversations have the power to change lives, wherever they take place.