Listening to the concerns of school students

Phoenix PrimaryOne of the best bits of my job as a local MP is visiting schools and listening to the concerns of students.

I recently visted Phoenix Primary, where Year 2 students had been discussing the litter that they, and all of us, find so annoying on the streets.Jack Christian Smith

They had been reading a story called The Tin Forest and had discussed the recycling issues that it brought up. They went on to research the impacts litter has on both land and sea, and wanted to talk their thoughts over with their Member of Parliament.

It was clear when I dropped in that litter and promoting recycling were issues that the students felt very passionately about, and I took away lots of ideas.

We talked about what the government can do to support local councils, what schools can do to educate their students and agreed that we all had to take responsibility for not littering in the first place, because it is not fair to expect others to clear up the mess we make.

Lois MeiWhile at the school, I took the chance to thank Joel Doody, 7, for his design for my Christmas card which won a runners-up certificate this year. It was a thrill to meet him and so many lively young people who are rightly the pride of their school.Rafael Hauta

The Christmas card was sent out to over 2,500 local and national contacts and helped to raise the profiles of our Liverpool Wavertree schools locally and nationally.

Each year, I encourage schools across the constituency to help me design the card, and last year had a fantastic 470 entries.

The winner was Savannah Mannhart, age 7, from St. Sebastian’s Primary School who has received book vouchers. In addition to Joel Doody, there were three more wonderful runners-up who also received book vouchers and a certificate – Lois Mei, aged 10, from Rudston Primary; Jack Christian Smith, aged 10, from Heygreen Primary School and Rafael Hauta, aged 9, from St Hugh’s Primary School.

Thank you to everyone who entered and to all the teachers and staff that helped make the competition such a success. I look forward to visiting more schools across the constituency throughout the year.