Elections on May 3

council cuts graphicI’ve written here before about the savage cuts imposed on Liverpool since 2010 and the impact they are having on people’s lives.

New calculations from Labour show the shocking impact on each and every household in Liverpool. Even I was taken aback by the levels of cuts per household.

It’s not just what’s in the pie, but how it has been cut up. Under the Tories some of the most deprived areas in the country have been hit the hardest, while Tory councils are given a better deal.

On average, Tory councils will have £128 less to spend per household, while Labour councils are hit four times harder – losing £524.

But what about Labour-controlled Liverpool? How hard has every household in our city been hit?

The figure is shocking and you can find it by clicking here and entering your postcode.


That is the price households in Liverpool have had to pay for having a Tory government in Westminster.

Despite the cuts, which will amount to £444 million by 2020, the Labour- council here in Liverpool has protected the most vulnerable, invested in our communities and helped boost our local economy so more money can flow into the city in future years.

For instance, an extra £6 million is going to children’s services and the Labour-led council will spend £12 million on services for people who are homeless and £3.5 million to protect 42,000 people from the full impact of government reductions in council tax support.

That is the sign of a caring council that puts the values we all hold dear at the centre of what it does, despite the pressures loaded on to it by this Tory government.

That is why I am voting Labour in the local elections on Thursday May 3 and why I am inviting you to join me.

Please support our Labour candidates across the constituency – Angela Coleman in Wavertree, Frank Hont in Childwall, Nigel Parsons in Church, Joanne Calvert in Old Swan, Sue Walker in Kensington and Paul Kenyon in Picton.

A vote for Labour on May 3, is a vote to protect our city.