Use your vote in the local elections today

Please join me in voting Labour for the local elections. A vote for Labour today is a vote to protect our city.

You can support Labour candidates across the constituency:

  • Frank Hont in Childwall
  • Nigel Parsons in Church
  • Sue Walker in Kensington
  • Joanne Calvert in Old Swan
  • Paul Kenyon in Picton.
  • Angela Coleman in Wavertree

On average, Labour councils have been hit four times harder by Tory cuts than Conservative councils – losing £524 per household. However, Liverpool has been hit even harder by Tory cuts. In Liverpool, our council will have £932 less to spend on your household by 2020 than it had in 2010.

Labour cares about our city. Tory government cuts amount to £444 million by 2020, but Liverpool’s Labour council has worked hard to do its very best to protect the most vulnerable and grow the local economy so that we all benefit.

Labour in Liverpool is pledging to:

  1. Fight Tory austerity
  2. Protect our parks and green spaces
  3. Build/refurbish 10,000 new homes
  4. Protect our most vulnerable people from cuts
  5. Tackle fly-tipping and grot spots

And bring a new ice rink to Edge Lane.

Please vote Labour today. You can find your nearest polling station by clicking here.

Please vote for Frank Hont in Childwall, Nigel Parsons in Church, Sue Walker in Kensington, Joanne Calvert in Old Swan, Paul Kenyon in Picton, Angela Coleman in Wavertree.