Jun 30

Let’s show our appreciation

Armed Forces Day is a great opportunity for us all to show our appreciation for our Armed Forces personnel and Reserves who work so hard to keep us safe.Armed forces day

Today is a chance to celebrate the work of our service personnel, veterans, cadets and service families. Armed Forces Day was introduced by the last Labour government in 2006 and has now become an annual event.

The national celebration, which moves every year, took place in Liverpool last year and is being held this year in Llandudno, North Wales. There are local events across the country. You can find out what is happening in Liverpool by clicking here.

I’m concerned that our Armed Forces are short staffed and under-appreciated.

Urgent issues around pay, housing and conditions have been left to worsen, despite many pressing hard for them to be addressed.

I hope that the government uses Armed Forces day to offer some real solutions and show how valued our armed forces personnel and veterans are with more than warm words.

People who are at the heart of our nation’s defences need a long overdue pay rise, real action to drive up recruitment and to see the 6 per cent vacancy gap closed.

You can show your appreciation and find out more about Armed Forces Day by clicking here.