Tory cuts see crime rise as police numbers fall

police logoNew figures show that police numbers are dropping while crime rates are rising across Merseyside.

Hard-pressed police and the communities they serve are being let down by this Tory government and its cuts.

Tory cuts sent police officer numbers nationwide to historic lows. Here in Merseyside, police numbers have fallen by 1,066 in the last eight years to just 3,450. That’s a cut of 24 per cent. At the same time crime is on the up. Violent crimes are up 21 per cent. Burglaries are up 16 per cent. Public order offences are up 41 per cent and possession of weapons up 24 per cent.

I know how hard our police are working to serve the community but are not getting the government support they need.

Our police are at breaking point and these shocking figures reveal the Tories are failing in their duty to protect the public.

It is high time the Prime Minister and Home Secretary faced up to their responsibility and urgently act to put police officers back on our streets.

The Tory record on crime has seen eight years of wretched failure with devastating consequences for our communities.