I’m backing the campaign to end period poverty

Period povertyI am supporting the Communication Workers Union campaign to bring forward the day when no one has to rely on charity to tend to their period needs.

Basic period products will cost around £5,000 over a woman’s lifetime. Many people who cannot afford them are reliant on charity or resort to using unhygienic alternatives.

A survey conducted by the children’s charity Plan International UK found that one in 10 girls have been unable to afford sanitary products and almost half had missed an entire day of school because of their period.

It is estimated that 137,000 girls in the UK skipped school last year because they didn’t have the period products they needed.

It’s a scandal that children are missing school days because of period poverty, and that people here are going without these basic necessities.

The government has left it up to schools to decide whether to use some of their shrinking budgets to provide free sanitary products. That is not good enough.

The CWU makes the case that there is only one way to end period poverty and that’s to make these products universally and freely available.

This is a human rights and gender equality issue that schools, employers and community organisations can support.