Tackling domestic violence

I’m backing a new initiative from the GMB union to call on employers to support their staff experiencing domestic abuse.  

We need employers to stand up for their employees and make the workplace a truly safe and supportive space. 

There are 2 million domestic violence incidents a year and often employers can help.  The GMB union is urging employers to sign up to a ‘Work to Stop Domestic Violence’ charter which urges employers to train staff to be able to appropriately and confidently support their staff. 

The Charter launches at a House of Commons meeting this afternoon chaired by Stephanie Peacock, MP for Barnsley East and a GMB member. 

Domestic abuse has a devastating impact on individuals and their families, but many specialist support services have themselves been victims of government cuts. 

People subjected to domestic violence can find the stress impacted on their work life too and the GMB reports members actually losing their jobs. 

Good employers can signpost affected staff to support services and create a work environment where employees are safe in the knowledge that they will be believed and not disadvantaged if they choose to disclose. 

A poster, a policy, a person who is trained to support staff facing domestic violence are the small things that can make a big difference.