Reducing suicide by talking openly

I was pleased to witness first-hand the wonderful work being done at James’ Place to reduce suicide amongst men.

James’ Place is an initiative formed by Clare Milford Haven and Nick Wentworth-Stanley, as part of the James Wentworth-Stanley Memorial Fund which they founded in 2008, after they tragically lost their 21-year-old son, James, to suicide.

James died 10 days after a minor operation. He had looked for someone to talk to about his anxiety and suicidal thoughts but didn’t get the urgent help he needed.  James’ Place aims to address this very issue, offering to support and listen to men who would like to talk.

I met with Centre Manager Jane Boland and Executive Director Nafeesa Zulfiqar who showed me around the centre that offers a calm and peaceful environment that includes a landscaped garden.

Jane was Suicide Prevention Clinical Lead for Mersey Care and played an important role in developing its suicide awareness and prevention training, which is now being rolled out in communities across the country.

They showed me ‘Lay Your Cards on the Table’, the innovative intervention they have developed to encourage people to talk. The centre points out that talking is a strength that all men should be encouraged to develop.

I wish James’ Place and all the team every success in supporting men from across the city. You can read more here.