Brexit vote delays raise local fears

Fear and uncertainty over the prospect of a catastrophic no-deal Brexit dominated my latest coffee afternoon, in the Kensington and Fairfield Ward.

It is clear listening to constituents from across the ward that the government’s delay in bringing forward a meaningful vote while talking up the likelihood of a no deal exit from the European Union is really worrying people locally.

Residents are passionate about their community and deeply concerned that the government simply doesn’t care about risking potential business investment, medicines being held up at our borders and new rules at our borders which will keep families apart.

Brexit uncertainty has already delayed the introduction of the expected NHS 10 Year Plan and a strategy to deal with the social care funding crisis, both of which are big issues locally.

Constituents want to see the government investing in Kensington and Fairfield and to recognise that cutting initiatives like the nurse training bursary deter people getting trained and into work.

They also raised concerns that the council had too little power to control the number of houses of multiple occupation blighting some areas and increasing pressure on existing council services.

Too many property developers and builders are moving in to convert family homes into flats with little thought for the short-term building +disruption and long-term impact on the area and constituents want the council to have the powers and resources to act.

People felt that fly-tipping, anti-social behaviour and crime was on the rise as a result of council cuts and fewer resources being available, as well as a lack of consideration for others shown by some.

I will be taking up every issue raised at the coffee afternoon and working alongside Labour councillors in the Ward as well as the Council to resolve them.

Thank you to our Kensington Community Fire Station for hosting us.

I hold regular surgeries if you want to speak to me about community issues in your area or have other issues you want to raise. Please book an appointment by telephoning 0151 228 1628 or emailing