Happy New Year for 2019

There is no doubt that our country is at a crossroads and over the next few weeks and months choices will be made that will determine the direction we follow for generations to come.

I desperately want everyone in Liverpool Wavertree, and across the country, to be involved in the momentous decision making that is in front of us.

Unfortunately, the Tory government is playing the most irresponsible game of chicken – taking us to the cliff edge of a no-deal Brexit and offering only Theresa May’s botched, unworkable and deeply unpopular withdrawal deal as an alternative to falling over the edge on March 29.

There is an alternative, and it one that involves the whole country – a People’s Vote. That is, a choice between what the government is offering on Brexit and rejecting that in favour of our current deal and remaining in the European Union.

I believe that the choice is so fundamental and profound, and that Parliament is so divided, that the only responsible option is to put a vote to the people.

The government should have held the meaningful vote on its deal before Christmas, but instead agreed to spend £2 billion triggering no-deal contingency plans that the country cannot afford.

To be absolutely clear, when the Prime Minister does bring the vote on her deal before Parliament, I will vote against it. I will oppose a no-deal Brexit and I will demand that the final decision be put to the people of our country so they get a final say.

Having lost the argument the PM is now trying blackmail. It’s simply not true when she says that the only way to rule out no deal is to support her deal. I believe that Parliament should insist that the people be given the opportunity have the final say on Brexit.

I continue to receive hundreds of emails, phone calls, letters and postcards from constituents fearful of the future and astonished that the government is planning for a scenario that will see troops on our streets.

The overwhelming majority of people contacting me are encouraging me to oppose the government’s plans. That encouragement includes people who supported Leave in the 2016 Referendum but have come to recognise that the Brexit that is on offer is not the Brexit that was promised by its supporters during the Referendum campaign.

Many more come from people who voted Remain in 2016 and see their worst fears being realised in a deal that will cut us off from our closest neighbours and our most important markets making our country poorer, threatening jobs and cross-border ties built up over decades.

The best deal for Liverpool Wavertree, our country and the future, is the deal that already exists – our continued membership of the EU.

Please take time over the coming days to speak to friends, family and work colleagues to encourage them to press their MPs to call for the right to take the final decision over our country’s future.

Of course, Brexit is not the only issue facing our constituency in 2019, and I can promise you that I will continue to meet with constituents at my coffee mornings across each ward, my regular surgeries and continue to represent all the people of Liverpool Wavertree.

You can get in touch very easily:

To book an appointment at one of my regular surgeries, simply ring or email, and we will make an appointment that suits you. Please do contact me for an appointment first, so that we can see everyone who wants to attend as soon as possible.

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Let’s work together to ensure that all our hopes are realised for 2019.