Ending poverty pay

Shopworkers across the country are this week pressing the case to end poverty pay.

The Time For Better Pay campaign is calling on the government to strengthen workers’ rights to tackle in-work poverty. Too many people working in retail are paid too little, with too few guaranteed hours and too much uncertainty about their regular income.

That level of uncertainty makes it really difficult to budget, plan and build a future.

The government has re-labelled the National Minimum Wage as the National Living Wage, but the name change doesn’t disguise the fact that it is not the Real Living Wage that I want to see introduced to help end poverty pay.

The Time For Better Pay campaign is urging the government to implement four measures:

  • A minimum wage of £10 for all workers;
  • A minimum contract of 16 hours per week for everyone who wants it;
  • A contract based on an individual’s normal hours of work;
  • A ban on zero hours contracts.

Shopworkers’ union Usdaw’s has launched a petition to back the campaign as part of its Membership Week. You can show your support and back the campaign by clicking here.