Helping to build sound minds

I was pleased to join young people and Action for Children in Parliament to hear more about the importance of building better mental and emotional wellbeing.  

The meeting took place on the eve of this week’s Children’s Mental Health Week – and it is clear that we have a long way to go before children and young people across the country have access to all the support they need. 

Latest figures show that around one in seven 11-16 year olds experienced a mental problem in 2017, rising to roughly one in six 17-19 year olds. Emotional issues, including anxiety and depression, were the most common type of mental health problem experienced by 5-19 year olds in 2017. 

The charity’s Build Sound Minds campaign aims to improve children and teenagers’ mental health by providing families with accessible information, tools and tips. 

Acting early can help stop problems in their tracks and it’s vital we do everything we can, not only to help young people with existing mental health issues, but to prevent these problems coming about in the first place. 

I encourage young people of all ages across Liverpool, Wavertree to look out for their own wellbeing and to seek support early if they’re struggling. 

Just like our physical health, our emotional wellbeing needs care and attention. And the first step in doing this is to create a positive conversation about mental health.