Let’s start a conversation about mental health

Conversations about mental health can change lives. I’m pleased to have the chance later today on Time to Talk day to get into conversation with staff at communications firm Vodafone at the launch a new Mental Health First Aid initiative.

Wherever you meet people today – in the gym, over tea and cake, on the phone, or on social media – consider a conversation about mental health.

Mental ill health affects one in four of us at any given time – and that means that mental health is something for all of us to talk about.

Unfortunately, some people are still afraid to talk about it. Time to Talk day encourages everyone to start a conversation.

Time to Change, the campaign behind today’s initiative, provides lots of useful tips about how to start a conversation, whether it is with a group of friends, one-to-one, or in the family. You can check out its top tips by clicking here.

This year, Time to Talk day is all about bringing together the right ingredients to start a conversation about mental health. Whether that’s a cup of coffee, biscuits and close friends or a room full of people challenging mental health stigma.

When the ingredients are right the conversation will flow.