Church hosts Brexit discussion

Thank you to St Barnabas’ Church in Liverpool Church ward for hosting my latest coffee morning and to everyone who came along.

In particular, thank you to our two local police and community support officers who do such a great job in our community.

Once again, as with all my previous community engagement events, Brexit was a real concern to people, particular its potential negative impact on big employers like Jaguar Land Rover that provides the relatively well-paid skilled career opportunities that the people of Liverpool Wavertree want.

People raised concerns over the legitimacy of the 2016 referendum result given what is now emerging about the financing and running of the Leave campaigns.

I pointed out that in 2016, a study by the University of East Anglia found that 64 per cent of the people in Liverpool Wavertree voted to remain in the EU. Across Liverpool, 58.2 per cent voted to remain. The most recent analysis shows that 72.5 per cent of constituents in Liverpool Wavertree now support remaining in the European Union, with 74 per cent of people – however they voted – wanting a People’s Vote.

These figures show very clearly that there is no majority of any kind in Liverpool Wavertree for the botched or potentially no-deal Brexit we are now facing.

That is why, I continue to support a People’s Vote so everyone can have the final say now that we really know the alternatives that are on offer.

Liverpool City Council is under significant pressure but has prioritised supporting the most vulnerable and tackling homelessness.

The recent introduction of Universal Credit and the impact of a decade of cuts on the welfare state was raised as a real concern amongst people.

It means that some other issues, like implementing local parking restrictions, or increased instances of fly-tipping have left some people frustrated.

I will be raising all these issues with the council in the coming days and weeks.

You can find out about the benefit support the Council can offer by clicking here and the support on offer if you are threatened by homelessness by clicking here.

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