Article 50

The European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill has now received Royal Assent, enabling the Prime Minister to sign Article 50 and set in motion negotiations with the European Union that will lead to the United Kingdom leaving. I voted against the Bill when it came to the House of Commons and supported a range of amendments that would have given Parliament a real say in the negotiations, protected the rights of EU nationals already here and protected jobs through the single market. The government used its majority to oppose all these amendments and to reverse amendments put forward by the House of Lords. Unfortunately, I was unable to be in Parliament for the final vote as I was having my baby. You can read why I opposed signing Article 50 here and why I wanted to protect access to the single market here. Although the government used its majority to force through the Bill and enable the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50, there will be opportunities throughout the next two years to hold the government to account and I will do everything possible to do so.