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Aug 16

A pragmatic approach to pensions

Tory government plans will take £10,000 from 7.6 million people’s state pensions as it asks millions of people to work longer to pay for failing economic policies. The Tories want to bring forward their plans to increase the state pension age more quickly to the age of 68. Labour wants to take a measured approach …

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Aug 03

Tories deny transport investment to boost economy

The Tories are switching off the proposed Crossrail for the Northern Powerhouse project which was designed to link the people and businesses of the North and secure a sustainable future of economic growth and prosperity. Liverpool is being overlooked for 20-miles more of investment that would bring High Speed rail to the city and open …

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Jul 28

Tackle the root causes of poverty to give every child the best start

More than 17,000 children across Liverpool receive free school meals. There are real concerns that now the school holidays are here, some children who get lunch through term time could be going hungry. Nationally, the Tory government admits that it has not made an assessment of the children’s school holiday needs, let alone made any …

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Jul 21

Tackle the mental health crisis to save lives

The government’s failure to live up to its promises is starkly exposed by its inability to tackle the crisis in mental health. Despite repeated claims by the Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt and successive Tory Prime Ministers that mental health is a priority that would achieve parity with physical health and that billions …

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Jul 14

Tory promises lay in tatters

A year ago, Theresa May promised to make Britain a country that works for everyone. After just one year and a day as Prime Minister that promise lies in tatters. On June 8, Theresa May lost 13 seats and lost her parliamentary majority. With no mandate Theresa May delivered a threadbare Queen’s Speech which left …

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Jun 30

Labour is offering the alternative

The Tories have lost their mandate – yet they push ahead with cuts to our NHS, schools and police, and, while paying lip-service to the fantastic work of our public sector workers, refuse them even a cost-of-living pay increase. I voted for the Labour motion to lift the public sector pay cap. Unfortunately, the grubby …

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Jun 27

Putting local creative talent centre stage

Local film-makers are being offered a great chance to make direct contact with movers and shakers in the film industry. The Film the House initiative aims to uncover the best of UK creative talent and put it front and centre stage. There are four categories: Best short film  – under 16 Best short film – 16 …

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Jun 24

Thank you to our Armed Forces

Today Liverpool becomes the national focus of Armed Forces Day. It is a great honour for our city to lead a national thank-you to the men and women who daily defend our country. Serving members of the armed services and veterans should be honoured, not just in word but in deed. After redundancies and years …

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Jun 23

The Tories are failing the country – again

The Tories’ Queen’s Speech shows that the Conservatives are unable to put together a proper programme for government. The Tories are incapable of taking the decisions needed to build a better Britain. Flagship Tory promises from their manifesto have been dropped and they have proved incapable of negotiating a deal with the DUP to keep …

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Jun 17

Let’s get together to remember Jo Cox

Today’s Great Mersey Get Together is part of a national network of events to remember and honour my former colleague Jo Cox. Jo, the MP for Batley and Spen, was murdered on the way to meet her constituents a year ago. Her family has organised The Great Get Together to mark the first anniversary with …

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