Defence Diversification Agency

Thank you for contacting me about the campaign to introduce a Defence Diversification Agency.

It is vital that the UK’s industrial strategy supports businesses to create new, high-skilled, high-paid and secure work across the country, in the sectors of the future such as renewables. I also agree with efforts to rebalance the economy to ensure a wide range of good-quality jobs in every region of the country.

It is also important to remember that the defence industry is vital for national security and makes a considerable contribution to the UK economy. The defence industry sustains high-skilled manufacturing jobs across the UK. It directly employs 142,000 people and a further 120,000 are indirectly dependent upon the sector for employment.

The defence industry can bring benefits to the civilian sector by ensuring that the latest technologies, research and development are shared, where appropriate.

Our defence industry must of course be responsible and abide by national and international law. I am committed to an ethical foreign policy across the diplomacy, defence and development spheres.