Detention of Andargachew Tsege – June 2015

I share concerns about the detention of Andargachew Tsege in Ethiopia and the related campaign by Reprieve, particularly given that he has been detained for over a year in solitary confinement with no legal process or access to a lawyer. Mr Tsege has also not been granted regular consular access or communication with his family in the UK.

I am also deeply concerned by reports of Mr Tsege’s deteriorating welfare and that even basic requests regarding his health have been ignored by the Ethiopian authorities.

I understand that the Foreign Secretary has raised this issue with the Ethiopian Foreign Minister and has urged the Ethiopian authorities to provide much needed assurances about Mr Tsege’s welfare and to allow proper legal and consular access as well as visitation rights for his family.

I know from the large number of e-mails and letters I have received that many people are very concerned by this case and that organisations such as Reprieve have helped draw attention to this.

I hope that the Ethiopian government listens to these concerns and ensure that Mr Tsege is urgently given the legal and consular support he is entitled to and that his family’s concerns regarding his physical and mental health are addressed in full.

I also hope that the UK government and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office continue to raise this at the highest levels and make significant progress.