Football Association reform

Football clubs are an important part of many people’s lives and must be more than just businesses. They must have a close relationship with their local communities and national governance arrangements should reflect this. The Football Association needs to reform and properly champion football at all levels, from Sunday League to Premier League. Supporters should also have a genuine voice in their club.

There is a worrying lack of diversity in the FA boardroom level, which must be tackled to ensure that the FA is truly representative and independent. The House of Commons recently agreed a motion of no confidence in the FA’s ability to reform itself.  The FA has been given until April this year to outline plans for reform in order to continue to receive public funding. The FA must take the opportunity to reform itself. If, in April, the FA’s plans for reform are insufficient, the government should then step in.

I will closely follow any proposals the FA brings forward and if there is insufficient progress made towards levelling out the playing field when it comes to diversity on both the board and the council, I will press for action to be taken against the FA.