Fur farming

I have long believed that the UK must lead the world on animal welfare and I am therefore proud that the UK was the first country in Europe to ban fur farming – in England and Wales in 2000 and in Scotland and Northern Ireland in 2002.

Since then, dozens of countries have introduced legislation to ban or phase out fur farming. The EU has also banned the importation of dog, cat and seal furs, which the UK government says it will retain after Brexit.

However, fur from all other species can still legally be imported and sold in the UK. We should not have a fur trade that relies upon the suffering of animals abroad.

An online petition calling for a ban on the sale of animal fur in the UK reached almost 110,000 signatures and was debated in Parliament on June 4.

During the debate, the government reiterated its belief that the best way of phasing out cruel and inhumane farming and trapping practices in other parts of the world which are banned in the UK is to press for higher animal welfare standards worldwide.

I support a ban on animal fur imports in the UK and I believe that the government should drop its opposition to a ban and take action on this important issue.