Google and HMRC

Many people are understandably concerned at the tax deal between Google and HMRC.

It is important in our tax system that everybody is treated equally and fairly, whether large multibillion-pound corporations or small businesses.

Some independent experts have suggested that the effective tax rate faced by Google is now about 3 per cent. The Government should publish details of the deal and how it was reached and give assurances that the agreement does not create a precedent for future deals with large technology corporations.

It is only right that the public is given greater clarity on the specifics of the settlement reached. It is important for public trust that the Government is fair and transparent in its dealings with multinational companies

The Government should halt the programme of HMRC staffing cuts which is undermining morale and removing the staff with the collective experience and expertise in collecting these taxes.

Labour will keep the pressure on the Government with regard to the deal with Google and the tax affairs of multinational companies more generally.