Media coverage 2014

December 2014

1: Treating renters as imbeciles. Inside Housing

3: Luciana Berger at N-Oscars to award Jewish AIDS volunteers. Jewish News

4: Mental health: The key issue we all face. The Jewish Chronicle

4: Workers still being squeezed. Express and Star

6: Delay in law on plain packs for cigarettes angers MPs. Guardian

6: Safe havens to open in Merseyside fire stations to protect those at risk of violence. Liverpool Echo

7: Small is beautiful: Breck Road traders launch fightback in bid to attract shoppers. Liverpool Echo

10: This is where I am and where I will always be – A day in Liverpool with Luciana Berger. LabourList

11: Abortion protests: Can’t we all just agree harassment of women is wrong? Daily Telegraph

21: What must Ed Miliband and Labour do to win the election? Tribune

22: More than 4 million Britons at risk of hunger. Global Post

23: Delusions, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts — this is the reality of pregnancy for many women, but it doesn’t have to be. Independent

28: Mental health treatment needs attention. The Gulf Today

31: Sexual violence soars in UK hospitals. Guardian


November 2014

2: Three vulnerable patients a day die due to lack of care. Independent on Sunday

5: Shadow Minister for Health visits Edgware mental health unit. Times Series

5: Pickles announces Towers Hamlets commissioners. Local Government Chronicle

5: Parliamentary reception puts meningitis B vaccine on the agenda. Bath Chronicle

7: Spend on mental health just 7 per cent. Bromsgrove Standard

6: Stroud charity takes its campaign for meningitis vaccine into Parliament for Prime Minister’s Questions. Gloucester Citizen

17: Seeds of life sown in colder months. Yahoo News

25: Liverpool mum campaigning for stricter over-the-counter drug rules after daughter’s use of laxatives put her in hospital. Liverpool Echo

27: MP Berger praise for city housing scheme. Liverpool Echo

28: Drunk sales prosecutions fall in 2013. Morning Advertiser.

28: Mother of anorexic 16-year-old campaigns for stricter regulations on laxatives. Huffington Post

29: Labour slams ‘appalling’ mental health services; ITV

30: Bed found at last for mentally ill girl: Guardian


October 2014

2: Activist Mollie is a conference star. The Gazette

9: It’s the biggest disease in Britain, so why is it only now a priority? Mirror

10: This marginalisation must end now. Morning Star

11: David Cameron’s election guru faces new attack over tobacco lobbying. Guardian12: Coalition cuts are damaging mental health. Mirror

12: MP and GP slam benefits assessors. Liverpool Echo12: Ebola will come to UK and probably to London, says Boris Johnson. Guardian

19: Gaps in mental health care for new mothers cost UK £8bn a year – study. Guardian

20: Shadow minister calls for combined care. Redditch Standard

28: Bergers bag the lot at Anthony Nolan Awards. Jewish News

29: D-MYST teenagers and Luciana Berger MP support launch of Smokefree Cars campaign. Click Liverpool

29: NHS quangos spent £2million on iPads and iPhones for managers. Daily Mail

31: Zero-hours contract workers turned away by some of UK’s biggest landlords. Guardian


September 2014

4: Gay people more likely to have mental health problems. Independent

5: One in five child deaths could be prevented: The Mirror

6: Liverpool one of the most mentioned cities in the House of Commons. Liverpool Echo

9: Mental health report – the crisis at home and abroad. The Week

12: Psychiatrists in police cell plea. Yahoo News

15: Mental health wait times too long. Daily Mail

23: We must learn the lessons of Paris. Jewish Chronicle Online

23: UK FGM funds ‘at risk’. Guardian

27: Late diagnosis of HIV blamed on Coalition’s health reforms. Independent

29: Liverpool conference to address sunbeds as a ‘ticking health time bomb’. Liverpool Echo


August 2014

5: Survivors of abuse need good mental health services now, otherwise they are simply being failed all over again. Guardian

8: Fears expressed over quality of mental health care. Liverpool Echo

12: Mind the Gap. Guardian

13: MP encourages constituents to visit war graves. ITV

18: Why mental health must stay on the agenda. Huffington Post

20: Taking the ice-bucket challenge. Liverpool Echo

22: All political parties must tackle mental health crisis. Independent

25: Hospital trust sector deficit could breach £750m this year. Local Government Chronicle

27: Self-harm by mental health patients in NHS has risen by 56%, figures show. Guardian

28: Government told to invest in ambulance services as complaints soar. Independent

29: NHS complaints on the rise. Telegraph

29: New rules to improve hospital food. Daily Mail

29: Walk for Health. Business Insight North

29: Cuts blamed as NHS cancer waiting time targets missed. Independent


July 2014

1: A Liverpool man is left with malnutrition after waiting eight months for benefits. Liverpool Echo

1: Personal independence payments debate. BBC Democracy Live

3: University research underpins Labour Party’s proposed policy on junk food marketing. Financial

9: Hope University’s staff and students asked to be ‘better neighbours’. Liverpool Echo

11: Delays in social security payments are destroying lives. LabourList.

12: Concern over delays to treatment of babies with tongue-tie. Observer

16: Luciana Berger talks to the Evening Standard about the role of women in politics: ‘A token sprinkling of women’.

17: Labour Party will pledge to tighten the rules on advertising aimed at children. Marketing

19: Mersey MPs defend their records of responding to constituents’ online letters. Liverpool Echo

23: Malnutrition soars by more than 70% since Coalition came to power. Daily Mirror

25: NHS treats mental health as ‘second-class service’. Guardian

27: Big fall in alcohol-related A&E visits by children – but numbers of adults in hospital after excess drinking are on the rise. Observer

29: Luciana Berger visits ADHD Foundation headquarters in Liverpool. Click Liverpool


June 2014

2: One year on from reorganisation, we are further away from parity than ever before. Huffington Post

26: Domestic violence campaigners organise special football tournament. Liverpool Echo

26: Government urged to introduce plain cigarette packaging. Guardian