Recent media coverage

February 2018

1: ‘I campaigned with a newborn,’ says Labour’s Emma Reynolds. BBC News Online

5: Luciana Berger: I was a ‘slummy mummy’. Jewish News

5: Xanax misuse: doctors warn of ’emerging crisis’ as UK sales rise. Guardian

5: Missed NHS targets spell trouble. BBC News

6: UK dark web market for illicit Xanax booms. Securing Industry

6: Esther McVey’s “disgraceful” answer to question on closing Job Centres in her “home town”. Liverpool Echo

8: Government announces £5 million for Mental Health First Aid in schools. Huff Post

9: Teachers demand support. ITV News

11: What our MPs received in gifts and donations. Liverpool Echo

January 2018

9: MP reminds everyone of THAT Esther McVey speech about foodbanks. Liverpool Echo

10: Churchill Hospital chemotherapy treatment ‘unsustainable’. BBC News

11: How can May fix with the NHS what she does not believe to be broken? Times (£)

15: Radio City Talk does 24hr Mental Health show. Radio Today

15: Luciana Berger marks charity partnership with DIY workshop. Click Liverpool

22: UK government urged to investigate insurer ‘discrimination’ against mentally ill. Guardian

31: Raising awareness of mental health issues is not enough. Yahoo News