Parliament must be fully involved

Parliament must be fully involved the process of Brexit, and the government must make available all the information necessary for Parliament to do it job. I fully support calls for the government to publish the economic impact studies that it has carried out on over 50 sectors. The government was defeated in the Commons by a Labour-led vote and will now have to provide the studies to the appropriate select committee.

This is also why the Opposition pressed for an amendment to the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Act, which allowed the Prime Minister to trigger Article 50, requiring the government to publish impact assessments conducted since the referendum of any new proposed trading relationship with the EU. Unfortunately, the government voted against this amendment and it did not become law.

The government claims that publishing its impact studies would undermine its position in the Brexit negotiations. The government has instead published bland, non-committal position papers that offer little new information or concrete proposals. These came months after the EU published its plans, and are a smokescreen to mask the government’s failure to make any meaningful progress on the core issues under negotiation.

Parliamentary involvement in Brexit is a matter of national importance and I will continue to press the government to enable MPs to do their job.