People’s Vote

The  government’s Brexit negotiations over the past 18 months have produced a dogs-dinner of proposals, none of which either protect jobs, living standards, citizens’ rights, the environment, or offer a realistic prospect of commanding a majority vote in the House of Commons for a final Brexit deal.

That is why I joined hundreds of thousands of others, including people from Liverpool, on a national demonstration to demand a People’s Vote on a final deal. I know from the response that I received from constituents that many more wanted to join me but couldn’t be there on the day. The people of Liverpool voted overwhelmingly to Remain in the European Union and nothing the government has done since the June 2016 referendum will assure them that leaving the European Union with no deal or a dogs-dinner deal will meet their wish.

The government has no credible plan, no solution to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland and no majority in Parliament for any of its proposals. This divisive approach is threatening our country with either a bad deal that would harm jobs, rights and living standards, or no deal at all.

Uncertainty over our future relationship with the 550 million people strong market on our doorstep, is also undermining business and international confidence in the government’s ability to protect our economy and strike new trade deals with countries around the world.

EU citizens living here, and UK citizens living in the EU have been promised time and again that their interests will  be protected. However, I know from EU citizens living here in Liverpool Wavertree, some for decades, that they are growing increasingly anxious about their futures and whether the government will really make them welcome if there is a botched Brexit or a no deal Brexit.

The government is now trying to limit its promised meaningful vote for MPs. To be meaningful, the Commons vote on the final deal cannot simply be between a bad deal or no deal. The government must offer the people of the country a final say on the deal.

I will not support a bad Brexit deal in Parliament, nor will I support a vague agreement that gives no detail about the terms of our future relationship with the EU

If any deal is voted down by Parliament, it will show that this government cannot govern. It must lead to a People’s Vote.  This is a critical point in our future. We need certainty and stability. We need to trust the people to break the impasse.

I will continue to do all I can to raise these issues in Parliament. Please though do encourage your neighbours, family and friends to contact their MPs with their views. It really matters in the next few weeks.