Rail fare increases

I share the concerns of rail passengers who are once again experiencing increases on their rail fares.

Indeed, the announcement that fares have risen by an average of 1.1% from January 2016, confirms that fares will have risen by a quarter since 2010, and the cost of some season tickets will have risen by as much as nearly 40 per cent – leaving passengers paying thousands of pounds more in some cases than just five years ago.

The Government have completely failed to appreciate the impact these fare rises are having on household budgets and that passengers will rightly resent paying higher fares to travel on trains that are increasingly overcrowded and unreliable. Commuters were always told that higher fares would fund investment, but vital projects have been delayed for years.

Passengers deserve a fairer deal on our railways and we need a transport system that delivers better value for money and gives passengers a real voice in how services are run. I hope the Government now listen to the concerns that many passengers have raised about our railways.

I will continue to press the Government on these important issues.