School funding formula

The Tories plans for a new funding formula for schools announced before the June General Election would have left Liverpool schools short of £28.4million by 2021-22. That’s equivalent to 778 teachers, or an average of £487 per pupil.

I heard from many parents, staff, trade unions, councillors and voters during the General Election about the impact these cuts would have. That is why I and the Labour Party made it a key issue in the election campaign.

The Tories have been forced into a partial U-turn. The Tories say they are going to protect the schools budget – but by cutting spending elsewhere in the Department for Education. In fact, not a penny of new money is going to be made available and it is not even clear what programmes will be cut to plug the funding back hole.

I will hold the government to account for its latest promise and ensure that no school student loses out when the Tories revised funding formula is fully detailed.