Trade Union Bill

The Tories have finally made a significant u-turn on the Trade Union Bill. Following pressure from the Labour Party and the trade unions, and the overwhelming defeat on the Bill in the House of Lords, the government has been forced to back down over their trade union check- off plans.

The government surrendered over its plans to scrap the check-off system, which allows union members’ subs to be collected directly from their wages. This would have severely limited the ability and the impact on trade unions to organise and campaign for their members.

The government, having now conceded on this issue, will put forward its own amendment when the Bill returns to the Commons next week. The Trade Union Bill, is one of the most politically partisan pieces of legislation put before Parliament.

The u-turn is welcome news and shows the pressure we are applying is working, but there is still so much more work to be done.

The government now has a real opportunity to listen to the concerns expressed by trade union members, Labour MPs and working people across Britain.

Labour will keep urging the government to think again and find a sensible way forward on the unresolved issues of e-balloting and the political fund.