Train services in the North

Pulling the plug on electrification of rail services in the North will lengthen journey times, increase carbon emissions and raise the cost of the rail network. Electrification cuts the cost of trains, increases reliability and reduces carbon emissions by 20-30 per cent compared with diesel trains. There are also benefits in terms of connectivity, capacity and economic growth.

The government is undermining the Crossrail for the north project, which aims to boost east-west rail services in northern England. Liverpool is also being overlooked for 20-miles more of investment that would bring High Speed rail to the city and open up new capacity to move more freight to and from our port.

Over the past decade public spending on transport in London has been more than double that in the North – the North would have received £59 billion more in investment over the last decade if it had received the same per person for transport as in London.

Whether it is rail, road or our buses, Tory cuts, lack of investment and centralised control are costing us dear. We need local control of our buses, and long-term investment to better connect our cities, people and businesses across the North.

I’m backing a new petition calling on the government to reverse its U-turn and make the investment we in Liverpool and people across the North need to secure our economic prosperity. You can sign it by clicking here.

I support Labour’s Metro Mayors in Liverpool and Manchester who are convening an urgent transport summit in the North bringing together business leaders and politicians from right across the north on August 23. At the General Election, I stood on a manifesto that pledged to transform our transport network and I will continue to press for improved railway services in Liverpool and across the North.