Getting it Right for people with a learning disability from across Liverpool Wavertree

I’ve signed up to Mencap’s Get it Right Charter. It’s a hugely important campaign that sets a benchmark of practice to ensure that people with a learning disability have the same access to good healthcare as everyone else.

For more information on the Getting it right campaign and charter, and to show your support,

Starting A Water Fight in Wavertree

I’ve declared war on waste as part of my contribution to Britain’s target to cut carbon. I pressed the Environment Minister to involve trade union reps in helping to cut workplace waste: read/watch here.

Nearly a quarter of domestic CO2 emissions are as result of our water use.  The first online Water Energy Calculator has been launched by the Energy Saving Trust, which will show the potential water and energy, bill and carbon savings, unique to each home, which can be made from just some simple water efficiency changes: Click here to access the Water Energy Calculator.

United Utilities told me that the start of 2010 has been the driest since our rainfall records began 74 years ago. This has left water supplies in our reservoirs well below their usual levels for this time of year.

They are encouraging customers to use water wisely, giving advice on the radio and in newspapers across the region.

The tips include:

  • Only fill a kettle with as much water as you need
  • Only use dishwashers and washing machines with a full load
  • Take showers instead of baths
  • Turn off the tap as you brush your teeth


Inspirational Talk at Hey Green Primary

Had a wonderful time today visiting and speaking to the children at Hey Green Community Primary School. The intention was to give an inspirational talk – but I was the one who came away inspired after meeting Wavertree’s great next generation.

Supporting a healthy start in life for babies

This week I pledged to support initiatives to improve the numbers of babies breastfed in my area. I joined over 190 Members of Parliament who have pledged their support to the breastfeeding Manifesto.

I’m happy to pledge my support for children’s health to be off to the right start at the very beginning.  More information is available at:

Tory Budget Hits Wavertree

The Budget today makes very clear choices about who will pay to reduce the deficit.

  • Higher VAT – with everyone paying more, but hitting the poorest hardest.
  • Benefits set on a permanently lower path with an uprating change, just as the Tories did with pensions in the 1980s.
  • Cutting tax credits from families on low and modest incomes, far below the £50,000 claimed during the election campaign.
  • A two year pay freeze for public sector workers like nurses and teachers.

There was a choice today. The Government could have protected people from losing their jobs and gone for economic growth. The Government have made the wrong choice. This Budget will hit growth and jobs by cutting back Government support for the economy too quickly.

Before the election, the Liberal Democrats warned that the Conservatives would raise VAT.

“Our plans do not require a rise in VAT. The Tory plans do.  Their tax promises on marriage and jobs may sound appealing. But they come with a secret VAT bombshell close behind.” Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat press release, 8 April 2010

It turns out that they were right – but now they are in Government themselves, supporting a VAT increase.

Cancer Research UK’s World Beating Campaign

Today our hopes are with the England team, particularly those who play their club football for Liverpool.

You may remember Bobby Moore, who captained West Ham for more than ten years and took England to World Cup glory in 1966, but died of bowel cancer aged 51.

Last week I had the honour to meet Stephanie Moore MBE, Bobby’s wife. Stephanie founded the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK in1992.

I also spoke to experts about how bowel cancer screening saves thousands of lives and a recent groundbreaking study, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, which shows that a one-off, cost-effective screening procedure called a Flexi-Scope test, could prevent a third of bowel cancers and reduce death rates by nearly half.

Backing campaign to protect college funding

I’m taking part in a Day of Action to highlight the impact of planned education cuts and I’m calling on the new government to maintain funding for further and higher education and to reject any moves to increase student fees.

Last week I confronted David Cameron across the House of Commons chamber challenging him to protect students from cuts in my first PMQ: Read/watch it here.

The Government has already announced £1.2 billion of cuts to higher education and more than £200 million from further education and adult learning. The cuts will inevitably lead of job losses and a reduction in student places.

I met education union representatives at a meeting in Parliament today at 12 and pledged to sign Parliamentary Early Day Motion 217 which has been tabled in the House of Commons to protest against planned spending cuts.

YOU Saved the Royal Rebuild

I am thrilled that the Coalition Government has dropped the rebuild of the Royal Liverpool Hospital from their cuts hit list – after growing pressure from local people.

Liverpool's Labour MPs Backed the Royal

In my first speech as your MP I challenged the Tory Health Minister to honour the promise Labour made to put £451 into the scheme (Read here) and then on the 10 June challenged him to come to the House of Commons to make an urgent statement about the Royal (Read here).

Here’s how the Liverpool Echo reported the fantastic news that the Royal is to get its rebuild: Read here.

In this together?

When George Osborne tells the nation that we are all in this together there are facts he forgets…

Over 17 grand has been spend to replenish the ministerial hospitality wine cellar in the last six weeks.  £864,000 of the world’s finest wines are held in the Foreign Office hospitality wine cellar.

In this together?

When Nick Clegg tells the nation we are all in this together there are facts he forgets…

Nick Clegg described public sector pensions as “gold plated, unfair and unaffordable” but failed to mention that in the last month, David Cameron has signed off contracts for politically appointed advisers that will cost the taxpayer over £4 million in pension contributions over the lifetime of a parliament.